How Freight Forwarding Software Optimizes Route Management

Effective freight routing allows you to deliver goods on time. Using tools like transportation management system helps in route planning and tracking. Logistics software gives real-time updates about your shipments.

Sending and receiving goods may seem easy at first, but it is not. There are a lot of things that contribute to the process. For example, you are faced with a tricky situation. The carriers you are working with are unable to deliver the goods. The reason is bad weather. What would you do? This is where the transportation management system steps in. You need to plan your routes ahead of time. The question is, how to plan the best route? You do not have the workforce to look for all the routes. You need a tool that can list down all the possible routes to deliver your goods. Freight forwarding software has all the route options you need. Delivering goods has never been easy. 

How efficient freight routing works

Wondering how freight routing works? Let’s discuss some crucial steps that complete the whole process:

1-Flexible route plans

Flexibility is needed in every aspect of freight forwarding. Challenges come unannounced. It is better to prepare ahead of time to avoid any disruption. Efficient freight routing involves flexible route plans. You need to plan all the optimal routes. Sending goods on time will improve your reputation. You need to consider factors like distance, weight of the goods and traffic density. 

2-Analyzing records

Learn from your past mistakes. You must have a record of all the routes that the drivers have taken. This can be done through good logistics software. It will record all the trouble routes. This way you can look for alternatives prior to delivery. You can also come up with measures to avoid these routes. Also, records can help you track the driver’s location and what routes he has taken. 

3-Sustainable routing

Route management optimization offers sustainable routing. How is that, you may ask? Sustainability is important for the environment. The drivers should be  aware of their fuel emission limits. They can instantly monitor their fuel emission through software. This will help you identify the longer routes that are taking up a lot of time and fuel. Look for shorter routes to reduce fuel emission.

4-Resource distribution

Once you plan the routes, your next step is to look for carriers. You cannot just hire anyone for the job. Freight forwarding software looks for different transporters that are near to your location. It also manages the type of transport required for different goods. A specific transporter should deliver fragile objects.This minimizes damage to the objects. 

5-Shipment tracking

Once your goods leave the warehouse, things can get out of control. You need to track the location of the goods. This is important for traceability. Tracking shipment is one of the shipping software solutions. Software tells you when your goods left and where they went. It also informs the customer about delivery dates based on that information. Real-time tracking is done through GPS technology.

6-Shipment security

The goods should be safe and sound once they reach the customer. Software ensures that the goods are safe from theft and disasters. How is that? It predicts possible delays and upcoming storms. These factors may not seem threatening but they should not be ignored. Shipment security is a crucial part of route management optimization.

7-Automating processes

Nobody wants to go through the hassle of finding and planning routes. Your workers may seem reliable but they also have limited strength. Visiting all the routes is impossible. Tools like transportation management system, automates route search. This will save you time and money. You will not need a large workforce for the route search. 

8-Carrier communication

Dealing with carriers can be tough. Miscommunication is a major problem that may arise at any point. Software solves all your communication problems. You do not have to call every carrier. They will notify you about the order status through software. Better communication helps in efficient  freight routing.

Freight forwarding software for route optimization

Manual route planning is not always efficient. You can overlook one thing or another. This may lead to miscommunication. You do not want to upset your partners and customers. Route optimization requires intellectual planning and other necessary tools. Having tools like, logistics software save costs and time. Here’s how software helps in route optimization:

1-Real-time tracking

Receiving real time updates about the shipments is important. It helps in live tracking of orders. Not only that, customers can get updates on their order status. Delays can be dealt with by rescheduling the delivery dates. Freight forwarding software uses GPS technology to track orders anywhere.

2-Weather reporting

Picture this, you are watching a weather forecast. It has all the details of the weather based on your location. Prediction of  weather patterns helps in route planning. Software tells you whether it will rain in the morning or it will be sunny all day. Weather reports are important for route management optimization

3-Traffic updates

Traffic jams are common in big cities. Your area may have clear roads. But when you are delivering to other cities, things can get messy. How will you measure traffic size? You can use tools like transportation management system that inform you of possible traffic jams. Traffic updates are important in rerouting your orders to a more clear route. 

4-Central dashboard

Software lets you see the progress of all your shipments on the same screen at the same time. You do not have to go through different tabs. You workers can also access the software from anywhere. Having a central dashboard gives you control and helps in efficient freight routing

5-Fast communication

You can talk to team members and stakeholders in different locations. Send messages in bulk and have automated messages sent at the right time. Your customers can receive real-time updates about shipment milestones. Fast communication is also one of the shipping software solutions

6-Data analytics

Receive automated reports on all the shipments. You can analyze the trends and patterns to help you make decisions. Comparing  carrier performances helps you choose  the best one. All this is done through freight forwarding software. You can easily get insights about your partners and how they are managing things. 

7-Data management

Software helps you collect, organize, and store large amounts of data about routes and shipments in a secure way. In case of theft or loss, you will have all the records. If you work manually, mistakes are bound to happen. Managing  such a large amount of data is not easy. That is why tools like transportation management system are necessary for freight routing. 

Sustainability in route management optimization

Wondering how sustainability helps in route optimization? Picture this, greater fuel emissions lead to greater carbon emissions. Carbon emissions cause global warming. You can reduce them by lowering the fuel consumption. Route management optimization lets you plan shorter routes that reduce the time a driver spends on the road. This will automatically lower fuel consumption and reduce fuel costs. You must look for carriers that are compliant with the environment. Educate your drivers about fuel emission limits. You can also look for sustainable options that do not use too much fuel. Digital transformation is the key to effective freight routing. Also, you can use software to connect with third parties that offer sustainable transport solutions. Also, drivers can use software to monitor their fuel emission rates and manage things accordingly.