How Freight Tracking Software Improves Route Management for Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarding software saves time and delivers goods faster. Software for freight forwarders makes route management easier. Freight tracking software gives real-time updates and better route options for your goods.

Sending goods from one place to another might seem like an easy job but it’s not. You need to take care of many things like planning the right route for the goods. It is important to know the routes your goods are travelling at. Freight forwarding software has made route tracking a lot easier. You can easily see the live location of the goods and get real-time updates on their status. Get the best route plan and prepare to send out your cargo. Trouble connecting to the transporter? Freight tracking software will show you their location. You can send goods faster if you use software.

Why is Route Management important for a Logistics Tracking System?

There’s a rule in every industry to always plan, do, check, and act before promoting your business. For example, your business is at a steady growth and now you want to spread it worldwide. How will you do it? The best way is to plan the right route for your goods. Freight logistics software saves you time and money by checking all the possible routes that ensure fast delivery. Drivers can use software to check the route closest to the final location of the goods. Route management is also important for customer satisfaction. It makes sure the orders are right on time when the customers need them. Software for freight forwarders has paved the way for easy shipping.

How Freight Logistics Software Helps in Route Management?

Digital solutions are much better than manual work. When you look for routes you cannot always make the right choice. You can overlook things and make mistakes. Though, software gives you accurate results. It uses GPS tools to give the best route plan.

1- Good Traceability 

Sending out goods is not enough, you need to keep track of them too. Freight tracking software gives you live updates on the goods. Whether it is the current location or the final location, it keeps track of all routes. You do not have to call transporters one by one to trace goods. Software gives the accurate location and saves time. Traceability keeps you updated on the order status. In case of wrong items, you can quickly recall the batch and send the correct one.

2- Improved Safety

Drivers are not robots, they may get tired due to excessive driving. This may cause frequent accidents and damage to goods. Software for freight forwarders keeps drivers and goods safe. It plans the shortest routes and gives real-time traffic updates. If the driver sees a jammed road ahead they can change the route beforehand. Software shows traffic rules and speed limits so drivers can drive safely.

4- Better Communication

Freight forwarding software keeps you connected with the drivers. You do not have to trouble them while driving. Software gives them all the updates and instructions regarding the goods. They can also let you know of any problems. In case of accidents, you may know the amount of damaged goods. This will help you take safety measures beforehand and discuss them with the drivers. 

5- Reduced Costs

The logistics tracking system is all about saving as much money as you can. You do not want to spend too much on hiring drivers from different locations. Software helps you decide the number of transporters needed to send goods. It also saves you the hassle of finding the right driver. This reduces transportation cost. You should know who took the goods, where did they take them and when did it happen.

6- Prevention Of Delays

Delays in orders can affect your reputation. Delivery time is important when sending out orders. What’s that? Has it started raining again? What would you do? Freight logistics software makes sure nothing gets in your way. Bad weather can put your drivers off. Software can take care of this problem better. It gives live weather updates and suggests other routes. This prevents delays and ensures faster delivery of orders. Re-routing prevents accidents and protects goods from damage.

7- Product Types

It is important to know how much goods the transport can carry. Software for freight forwarders has made it easier to load the goods in transport. It helps you choose the suitable shipping method according to the weight and size of the goods. Product types determine whether or not it is heavy cargo. For larger goods, bigger trucks are needed. Bigger trucks need a clear route to transport goods. Software selects available routes that are free from traffic. 

8- Sustainable Practices

Freight tracking software not only tracks routes but also the fuel emissions from the transport. Software gives you sustainable options to lower carbon emissions from the trucks. For example, it provides shorter routes to reduce the time spent on the road. This also helps lower your fuel costs. Drivers can use software to track fuel emissions and know when to take a break. This not only saves money but protects the environment as well.

9- Resource Utilisation

It is better to use existing resources than to find new ones. Freight forwarding software sends the right cargo to the right transporters. This helps you relax and not worry about wrong order delivery. Saving resources lowers fuel costs and transportation costs. Once the order is out it should reach the customers in one go. Drivers can save time and stay relaxed as well. You can also sort out problems in your delivery system.

10- User-Friendly Interface

Freight logistics software should be easy to use. Drivers do not have the time to learn difficult functions. You can train them easily and give brief instructions about the software. They can quickly access software wherever they are without any hassle. On the road, they can use their cell phones to access software. It updates them about delivery information, route maps and other information.

11- Automated Scheduling  

Automation in the logistics tracking system allows you to reschedule the delivery of goods. Customers can also cancel orders or ask you to reschedule the delivery time. This can be a lot of work, but software speeds up the process. On request, it quickly suggests possible delivery times and best routes. This ensures that orders reach their owners on time.

12- Adjustable Functions

Relying on software for freight forwarders is good but not always recommended. Software must be open to changes. This includes planning your own delivery time, choosing the right driver, shipment options, training your staff, method of transportation, and other details. You can also customise options to trace your delivery performance. Software allows drivers to track the number of orders they complete.

13- Fleet Productivity

Dealing with thousands of orders in a day can be a difficult task. Instead of hiring someone, you can use software to deal with them. Freight forwarding software increases fleet productivity. This lets you deliver many goods in a short time. Route planning helps in better fleet utilisation and lower transportation costs. You can handle more shipments in the given time frame. 

14- Data Analysis

Freight tracking software is like a map that shows you the way and improves your approach. It shows previous routes that your trucks have used. You can decide whether or not to use the same routes again. Improved decision-making saves you time and money. You can analyse these patterns, see what works best for you, and make the right decision.

In conclusion, route planning saves time and ensures faster delivery. Freight logistics software gives route insights, alternate routes, and weather updates. You can plan the best route for your goods.