Give Your Customers the Power of Online Logistics Automation

Gama makes it easy for freight forwarders to offer clients a complete online experience with advanced technology that leverages pre-built TMS and freight forwarding system integrations (including Cargowise).

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Everything your customers need in one place.

Shipment Dashboard

The instant your customer logs in on your website they have a complete view of all their shipments on our shipment tracking dashboard. Potential problem shipments are easy to identify so they can be addressed. Next-level shipment details, such as shipping documentation, are only a click away using our freight tracking software.

Make it easy for shippers to book with you.

Search Rates and Book Shipments

Your customers can easily search for crate shipping rates in any mode that includes your margin (that you control). Gama allows free freight search, quickly locating the best freight quotes. Gama is not a marketplace. Shippers are seeing your contracted rate or those pulled directly from carriers’ websites.


Track and Trace Containerized Loads

Using our freight tracking system, your customers can instantly see the location of their shipments through your website portal with no need for phone calls or waiting to hear back. Gama’s logistics tracking system gives them the information they need, fast, and saves time for your operations, too.


Actionable Analytics and Reporting

Data is the key to helping your customers improve their shipping operations and supply chains. Start providing powerful analytics and reporting tools that your competitors can't. Offering actionable insights differentiates your company and builds loyalty from customers.

Benefits to your customer

Easy Online Rate Search

Gama enables fast and reliable search for crate shipping rates, giving your customers on-demand pricing across all modes (and you control the mark-up).

Book Shipments in Any Mode

After selecting the best routing option based on mode and carrier, your customers can book and track the shipment online using our logistics tracking system.

View/ Edit Shipment Details

As shipments are in-transit, customers can access all of the details and make edits online through our freight management software, giving them more control.

Real-time Track and Trace

Customers can see the location of all their shipments live on their personal shipment tracking dashboard and easily identify potential problems in handling real-time freight.

Invoicing and Reporting

Improve your receivables by allowing customers to pay invoices quickly online, and perform detailed cost reporting on all their shipments.

BI and Actionable Analytics Tools

Give your customers powerful BI and Data-Analytics tools in their freight forwarding system that can improve their shipping operations and reduce costs.

Benefits For Forwarders

Save Time. Grow Revenue.

Get More Done With Less

Our logistics software helps your operations run better, not just your customer's.

Customers can perform key tasks for ocean air logistics 24/7 instantly, with 100% accuracy.

Actionable data is always synchronized and available to you and your customers.

Logistics automation automatically shares documentation, forms, notifications, and reminders with all parties.

The best freight quotes can be sent with speed and precision using automated logistics.

Logistics software helps define customized tasks that save time and keep your customers informed.

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