8 Must-Have Characteristics of Effective Freight Forwarding Software

Automation and technology have become necessities to be used in logistics to run operations smoothly. A good freight forwarding software increases productivity and reduces future risks.

To improve your overall operations in the field of logistics, it is very important to opt for the right freight tracking software. A software that has various features like automation, that helps in smooth running of processes. Data management, that makes sure that you and your customers can track and analyze. Risk management that increases reliability and overall security of operations. Investing in such software can be beneficial for you and your company as it increases overall productivity and efficiency.

In this modern era, we consider technology as the friend of modern businesses. Technology has made everything 100 times easier. The perfect example of the previous statement can be taken through the freight forwarding software. These software are examples of how technology and innovation can simplify operations. Not only does software simplify, but it also expands the business, making communication and productivity better for you. Freight tracking software has control over every aspect of logistics and transportation and works as a blessing for every freight forwarder.

Freight forwarding software is considered the backbone of the most crucial process of the supply chain, that is, transportation. However, there are some of the things that are essential to be in a freight forwarding software that are further discussed in this article:

What is freight forwarding software?

Freight logistic software is like a chess player, or you can say a brain that plans everything. The planning includes the best moves(routes), tracking of every pawn(shipments), and lastly, the planning to end (deliver) the game (delivery) smoothly. Freight tracking software reduces operational costs and increases efficiency, revenue, productivity, and environmental protection. Freight software is like your strategists that ensure that you make every decision wisely in order to make your business successful.

Top features of freight tracking software

Navigating the world of logistics is not an easy task; it requires the use of the correct tools. The tools play a major part in the smooth, effective, and efficient working of the freight tracking software. Following are the features that make your supply chain operations easy and simplified:

Real-time visibility:

One of the most important features that your freight tracking software should have is the real-time tracking feature. A feature that allows freight forwarders to keep an eye on their shipments, monitor their location, and also provide the status of their goods. Due to this feature, the freight forwarders get the empowerment to make timely and wise decisions to overcome any future danger or risk and to enhance overall productivity.

A feature called Container API is present in freight logistic software that allows you to track your shipments. Not only this, but it also gives customers the upper hand to review and track their shipments and ensures that the information that is provided is 100% correct and updated.

Streamlining tasks automatically:

In this modern era, almost everything has changed into automation. Automation is the feature that has simplified the complex task, and it is the one that your freight logistic software should have. To handle routine tasks, to reduce human efforts, and to decrease the chances of risk, automation is very important. As it not only simplifies but also allows you and your team to focus on more strategic aspects of the freight management system.

User-friendly interface:

Nobody likes to operate complex stuff. Moreover, being in the logistics industry, you don't have time to spend weeks in training. A freight forwarding system should have a friendly user interface that helps both the employees and the customers. With the user-friendly interface, people experience an enjoyable process to get things done quickly and smoothly. Being user-friendly reduces the resistance against technology.

A user-friendly interface also makes sure that all team members, regardless of their experience, technical expertise, and skills, can easily navigate the freight tracking software. Along with easy navigation, this feature also reduces the learning and training time and makes you and your customer quick, adaptable, and resistant to change management.

Flexible communications:

The freight forwarding software should possess the feature of flexible communication. As communication is an important part and can make or break your deal. In this scenario, communication should be seamless between stakeholders, which includes shippers, carriers, and consignees. Your freight logistic software should provide you with an effective communication feature to ensure that everyone from top to bottom is involved and should have access to the latest information, which will foster transparency and clarity.

Effective communication helps your customers to have access to the latest alerts or the information regarding their orders. They get notified by default if something changes or needs attention at any point during the journey.

Generation of documents:

Documentation and reporting are two of the most important things included in the freight forwarding business, and both of these can’t be overlooked. Before you select a logistic tracking system for your business, make sure that it is efficient enough to handle the documentation. Not only this, your software should be efficient enough to print out manual bills of either entries or shipments.

Overall, your freight forwarding software should be a pro and should excel in managing and processing digital documentation that will reduce your reliance on traditional, old-school paperwork. As automated documentation reduces the chances of errors and mistakes and is also very easy to store and handle.


In this ever-changing industry of logistics, you should opt for such a freight logistic software that is highly scalable. The meaning of scalability in this context refers to the fact that it should expand and grow along with the business. The benefit of choosing a scalable software is that it helps you to accommodate expanding operational needs.

Moreover, scalability helps you to make sure that you do not outgrow your software, which will automatically reduce your cost.

Security of data:

Make sure to opt for freight tracking software that keeps your freight-related information confidential. There should be a security feature named Robust in it that will provide security to your data. Your software security features should also align with the industry standards and regulations.

Analytically smart:

Your freight logistic tracking system software should be analytically smart and efficient and can indicate performances so that you make informed decisions and can run your logistics operations smoothly.

Moreover, your software should also have this feature to improve continuously through analyzing the trends of data, which will help you to make strategies for high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The list for the features of the best freight forwarding software does not end here; in fact, there are some of the more features that can enhance your overall productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. Included features are invoice management, rate calculation, inventory management, predictive analysis. 

We can say that the success of your supply chain operations depends on the software you use. The software should have the right tools that are essential for a smooth process. From automating tasks to real-time visibility and effective communication, every aspect is important and plays a role in your success. To make an informed, wise, and correct decision, you should think thoroughly before investing in the right freight tracking software for your freight business.