Real-Time Shipment Tracking: The Key to Streamlined Logistics and On-Time Deliveries

Faster, easier real-time shipment tracking with freight software. Track your container shipments, get live updates, avoid delays, save resources, lower fuel costs, and stay on schedule.

Human errors and the inability to react quickly to unforeseen circumstances cause hurdles in freight forwarding. Shifting from manual mode to automation for various shipping operations has transformed the industry. Real-time shipment tracking is among the most convenient benefits you find in an automated freight forwarder system. Manual processes involving tags, scanners, and reports for tracking container shipments are time-consuming. The best way to move ahead of your competitors is to provide fast, secure, and accurate tracking of shipments.

Your stakeholders can demand information about enroute shipments at any time, and you must be prepared to deliver such data on time. Live shipment tracking helps you collect data in real time and quickly send it to your stakeholders without any errors. The more convenience you bring to your employees, the higher your productivity and efficiency.  

How to rack your container shipments

The features available in real-time shipment tracking may differ depending on the type of freight forwarder software you’ve chosen for your company. Proper installation of your software, regular updates, and customized settings ensure that your operations run smoothly. Controlling access to your dashboard through security is essential for keeping your data safe. Most freight software has options for organizing access based on the administrative level of the user. Those who’re authorized to view your container shipments going on their route on the live map can pull up information for every shipment. Your screen shows you all the shipments that are active on the map along with their departure and expected arrival time. Take a closer look at shipments you require data for and receive alerts for their activity. You get notified regarding arrival, departure, gate out, shipment release, delays, and more. Live tracking of your shipments gives you the opportunity to switch plans according to traffic updates and change routes if the planned routes are blocked for some reason. The user-friendly interface of freight software makes data collection and live tracking a simple process even for beginners.

How real-time shipment tracking empowers shippers

Optimizing your supply chain for higher efficiency is a top priority in the freight forwarding industry. Losing to the competition is not an option, especially when you have automation on your side. Take advantage of technological advancements in the freight forwarding sector to upgrade your operations. Many of the tasks you used to perform manually can be managed with greater reliability by freight software. Conserve your resources, particularly your human resources, through the digitalization of your tracking system. Freight forwarder systems allow you to track your container shipments from their departure to their arrival at their destination. Your route manager is always aware of where your shipment is at any given time and its expected time of arrival.

Precise location tracker

Among the biggest perks of real-time tracking, is accurate pinpointing of the location of your shipment saves you from potential problems. Since you’re deeply invested in the journeys of your container shipments, having an automated system to keep an eye on them makes perfect sense. Having the correct information about your shipment’s position is useful for other teams working side by side. Whenever a team requires data about  and longitude of your shipment, you can send it without any delays. Live tracking encourages cooperation between teams, allowing your employees to work in sync to run operations smoothly.

Live map visuals

It’s handy to know the exact where abouts of your container shipments, but it’s even better when you can view the big picture on your screen. Your route manager has a clearer idea regarding the progress of your shipment thanks to real-time shipment tracking software. Those interested in seeing various shipments on a map at the same time can be satisfied with the visuals available for their use. The managers responsible for keeping an eye on all shipments enroute to their destinations are able togather the data they require for reporting on time. Instead of estimating arrival times, the live map provides accurate information about the distance left and the time needed to reach point A to point B.  

Shipment Details

Collecting, organizing, and displaying dataabout different container shipments is tricky. There might be a number ofshipments on their way in a single day. Freight software makes it easier foryour managers to arrange the most important data for every shipment in yourdashboard. When you’re focusing on a certain shipment, you can view itsspecific details on the side. Instead of getting confused, you can always clickon that shipment’s name to see the data you require. Sending updates is alsosimpler when relying on real-time shipment tracking. The data for everyshipment is right there on your screen, allowing you to copy and paste it intoyour communication.

Schedule management

Maintaining tight schedules is no longer an issue with freight forwarder systems having built-in solutions for time management. Your dashboard offers a centralized setup where you can view all the information you need and share it with the rest of your team. Time-saving is a major benefit of real-time shipment tracking. You never have to make guesses about the location of your container shipments. All the information you wish to see about the timing of your enroute shipment is just a click away. Bring up the shipment you want to pay attention to on your screen and you can quickly note the timing data. In the event of a delay, the information about the shipment’s arrival time is updated.

Real-time alerts

Besides seeing your shipment going on its route at any given point in time, you can also get updates about its current conditions. Any unforeseen circumstance is reported on time to prevent further delays. No matter where you are, you can get a notification about every shipment release using freight software. You can be informed when the charges for your container shipments have been paid and the goods are ready for clearance. The option for getting gate-out alerts is available, depending on your freight forwarder system. Automation services like real-time shipment tracking keep you in the loop regarding the position and activity of your shipments.


Customization allows for more flexibility inyour freight operations and it’s recommended for companies at any scale. Thegreater the choice of features available at your disposal, the better you canoptimize your operations. You don’t have to replace your entire system forautomation, rather you can go for integrations. Merge newer technologies withyour existing systems to get the most out of freight software. Real-timeshipment tracking can help improve your operations when used together withother applications. Application programming interfaces (API) integration isexcellent for sharing data about your container shipments at any point in theirjourneys. Watch your operational efficiency and employees’ productivityincrease with automated integrations.


A satellite-based system enables real-timeshipment tracking, helping companies in the freight industry move towards asustainable future. Monitor the container shipments you’re responsible for and sharetheir data with relevant parties through secure pathways. Internalcommunication becomes faster and more effective between your team membersthanks to live tracking. No manual calculations or rough estimations arenecessary when you have an automated system pinpointing the exact location ofyour shipment on a map.