Prevent Delays with Freight Logistics Automation: How Freight Forwarding Software Increases Operational Speed

Logistics automation drives speed in freight logistics. Freight software allows you to get real-time data for forecasts and schedules. Software for freight forwarders improves customer experience with speedy solutions.

For an industry that prioritizes speed, freight logistics struggles with delays. Freight technology allows you to streamline operations. But not everyone has caught on to the power of automation. Freight forwarders who don’t invest in technology risk being left behind by competitors. The freight industry has reached a point where automation is leading future plans. You can’t afford to ignore freight software any longer. There are tools your company can customize according to its size. You can choose the types of automation that match your requirements. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for freight forwarding automation.  

Take advantage of the digitization wave to organize your software for freight forwarders. The sooner you implement your digital framework, the less the time required for optimization. You can learn more about your unique digital requirements after using software. Establish a solid digital support system to serve your customers. Experience a smooth workflow and greater customer satisfaction with a strong system at the backend of your operations.

How delays affect customer experience and brand reputation

Only 40.5% of all the shipments sent in July 2022 reached their destinations without delay. The frequency of delays is a major concern for industry stakeholders. Whenever there’s a delay, you’ve put your reputation on the line. A reliable freight forwarding system works on preventable issues related to delays. While you can’t control the weather, software provides forecast data. You’re always aware of the weather forecast for that week. Automation helps you create estimates for milestones in your shipment’s journey. Logistics automation offers real-time data about your active shipments. You also get precise location and status notifications through tracking software. The more information you have about a shipment, the more informed your decisions. You can send real-time notifications to your customers about shipments. Faster operations earn you a good reputation in the freight industry. Your customers are happier when you increase your efficiency and give them updates. 

Freight technology increases the velocity of freight 

Shipment speed is one part of the velocity of freight, but not all of it. Your customer might focus on how fast a shipment reaches its destination. But as a freight forwarder, you have to think about every stage of its journey. Freight technology helps streamline your operations and increase the velocity of freight. Spend less as you generate more revenue for your business using automation.  

What is the velocity of freight?

Take the speed of your shipment (modal speed) that shows you how fast it moves along modes. Now combine your modal speed with transshipment speed. Your transshipment speed reveals how effective your intermodal operations are. Get insights on your velocity of freight using freight software. Input relevant data to generate clear visualizations about your speed. The level of synchronization between your modes and terminals affects your transshipment speed. The world is moving from supply-based (push) logistics to demand-based (pull) logistics. Software for freight forwarders makes the transition from push to pull logistics easier. 

Logistics automation makes transshipment faster

Thanks to a demand-based shift in global logistics, warehousing is becoming simpler. The inventory is kept in circulation due to the shift towards pull logistics in the industry. Whether you’re involved in intermodal or transmodal transport, invest in a freight forwarding system. Centralize your freight operations to make them more efficient. Improve communication within your team members. Share automated reports with your stakeholders. Lack of adequate port infrastructure and congestion lead to delays. But other delays are caused by inefficient freight forwarding. You can embrace logistics automation to get rid of weak points in various operational areas. Elevate your performance to show off your key strengths as a freight forwarder. 

How to avoid shipment delays using software for freight forwarders

Don’t lose customers because of bad experiences of delays. Now more than ever, the modern consumer wants instant gratification. Freight technology isn’t magic, but it’s the next best thing. You have to figure out which automated tools work best for your business. Consider software integrations that target weak operational areas. Here are some ways upgrading your freight forwarding system improves speed:  

GPS tracking with freight software

There are a couple of options for GPS shipment tracking. Thanks to the satellite system, you don’t have to worry about disruptions. Open up your dashboard and click on an active shipment you want to track. You can get the exact location and status of your shipment using software for freight forwarders. It’s easy to obtain tracking data for all active shipments at the same time. 

Empowering route managers

As a manager planning, changing, monitoring, and optimizing routes, logistics automation is an important tool. You have to stay updated on the latest news about roadblocks, traffic jams, weather forecasts, and more. There’s no way you can deal with large amounts of data by yourself. You need an automated tool that collects, organizes, and visualizes relevant data.  

Real-time shipment reports

There’s no point crying over spilt milk. Running a business means getting reports on your assets ASAP. When your shipments are so far away from you, efficient communication is important. Freight technology allows you to get reports on milestones, routine procedures, and accidents. Getting real-time reports is the first step. The second step is to make the right decisions using real-time data. 

Monitoring carrier performance

An experienced freight forwarder doesn’t have the same resources as a beginner. Even if you have reached intermediate level, you aim for higher efficiency. Use your freight software to pull up past records of carriers. You can see how well a carrier performed and what types of shipments they managed. There’s no time to lose in freight logistics. Check your carrier records and choose the most suitable one.

Flexible freight schedules

The most important factors that influence the freight industry are unpredictable. You have to be quick to make adjustments and secure your shipments. Use software for freight forwarders to improve your schedule management. Automation gives real-time updates, supporting fast communication. You can make the changes necessary to keep your operations running at full speed. 

Fast, accurate rate calculations

Like other routine processes, rate calculation must be automated as much as possible. Avoid getting incorrect results from human intervention and error. It’s best to depend on an automated freight forwarding system to get rates. Automated rate calculation involves pulling up rates and displaying them side by side. Save your time and increase the productivity of your team using automated tools.    

Automated invoice management

The more your shipment volume, the more invoices you’ll be handling on a regular basis. One of the biggest ways logistics automation speeds up operations is making daily tasks faster. It’s easy for your team to take care of invoice requirements. You’ll need less time and fewer employees to manage invoices using automated tools. The best part is that you can eliminate human errors from your invoices.

The higher your operational speed, the better your customer experience. Give your customers the satisfaction they deserve using freight technology. Besides making your operations faster, automated tools also improve efficiency. The more efficiency you attain as a business, the more money you save. Spending less money on operations increases your business revenue. Sign up for a demo of our freight software to learn how it makes your operations faster.