How Freight Forwarding Software Increases Customer Retention

Freight forwarding software connects you to customers and earns their trust. Manage your data efficiently and increase productivity with logistics software solutions. Customer retention logistics help you gain more customers.

If you are a business owner you would know how hard it is to please customers. There is always an unseen wall between the two parties. In customer retention logistics, you can break this wall with trust and assure your customers of your abilities. This can help your business reach new goals and increase your profits. The world is being run by technology. New needs are giving rise to the latest software. When you use freight forwarding software you can have a better link with your customers. What’s more, software helps decrease workload. You do not have to worry about major human errors. The greater the number of happy customers, the more the profit. 

Why do you need freight forwarding software?

Your business will not grow until you know a way to connect to your customers wherever they are. Digital tools are the only solution to this problem. Freight forwarding software helps you expand your business to other parts of the world. You can solve big problems with a single click. Software gives you a proper system where you can manage every step from shipment to billing. It also increases freight forwarding efficiency by pointing out mistakes and telling staff about them. This helps to bring the best results for the staff and customers alike. Numbers are important for your business. Therefore, you need software to manage correct billing and keep track of shipping costs. In addition, you have to calculate commissions. Tools also increase freight forwarding leads by bringing in new customers and earning their loyalty. You can update the software in case of any new changes to keep up with competitors. 

Does automation improve customer retention logistics?

As compared to manual work, using digital tools makes things faster and better. You do not have to go through piles of paperwork to get a single order to its owner. Having good logistics software solutions can help you manage things with more accuracy. You can manage online bookings, data handling, keeping track of orders, customer invoices, etc. You need fewer employees to handle the same amount of work. Moreover, it’s better for the planet to go digital. Save your resources and train your staff faster with software.

How freight forwarding efficiency wins over customers

Customers are the most important part of your business. You cannot grow your business without their help. They bring in the resources and the money to run your business. But how do you make them stay? Logistics software solutions keep you ahead of your rivals and provide a better option for your staff as well. Here’s how you can win over customers with digital tools:

Rate search

Nowadays, it is difficult to find the right party having the best price to take the goods from one place to another. But all this becomes easy when you use digital tools like freight forwarding software. You will know the freight rate according to the delivery location. In addition, the weight of the goods and mode of transport matter too.

Invoice management

Mistakes can happen when you are writing down the customer invoices on paper. But with the correct digital tool, these mistakes can be avoided. Logistics software solutions will let you enter the customer statements, their addresses, shipment costs etc. This will make things faster and save you some effort. 

Shipment tracking

Increase freight forwarding efficiency with real-time tracking. Shipment tracking can be difficult when you are working manually. But with freight software you can keep track of the status and location of the goods. In case of any lost goods, this software will let you know of its last location and the time it spent there. 

Data handling

Attract more freight forwarding leads with the ease of automation. Moreover, software should be simple to use for both employees and customers. Your staff should know what devices they can use to access the software and how they can feed the data into it. This decreases workload and gives correct results. 

Sustainable solution

Ethics come first and for that, you need to start working on saving the environment. Improve freight forwarding efficiency by giving a sustainable option to your workers like reducing paper usage. You can save electricity and fuel by spending less time on training. Try working with other sustainable businesses. Your customers can check the carbon emission levels using different tools.

Calculating rates

Knowing the prices and getting the right shipping method is also important for customer retention logistics. Software helps you to make the right decisions that get you the best customers. You should know the needs of the supply chain like the fuel prices and value of goods. Be aware of the weight of the goods, other prices and the method you are using to send away the goods. You must calculate these costs correctly and provide better services to your customers. 

Route planning

After calculating the cost, your next step is to plan the delivery location of your goods. You can get better freight forwarding leads if you know all the places your goods are moving through. When you plan the routes using software, you can pinpoint any difficult routes that may cause your goods to get stuck and delayed. This can be a problem and you might lose the customer’s trust. Route planning allows you to prepare better route options in case of any issues. This is especially true when you are sending out your goods by sea. 

Automated reporting

How do you know what goods were sent at what time and when were they loaded? When you use freight forwarding software, your staff can easily input the loading and unloading time into the system. If there is any problem or you need order receipts for the record, software can make things faster and easier. Automated reporting also helps customers to search, book, cancel and track their orders easily. 

Digital invoices

Customers need quick services that will save them time and energy. Shifting to digital tools will help increase freight forwarding efficiency. You can use digital invoices to keep track of customer statements and share data faster between carriers, suppliers and customers. You can also track the amount you owe a company for moving your goods. Your staff can save time and energy spent on paper invoices.

Real-time notifications

With good freight forwarding software,  you can inform your customers of their order progress. Updates include the time of its arrival and the current location of your order. It also warns them of possible dangers like traffic, bad weather and accidents that can delay the order delivery. With these problems in mind, you can plan other routes for the orders so they reach your customers on time. 

API integrations

Using good API integrations like WMS, ERP and TMS can increase freight forwarding leads. This allows you to choose the best shipping method based on speed and price. You can reduce mistakes that can happen in manual work with API integrations. It helps reduce the time spent on getting quotes or calling and sending emails to the transporters in case of any delay. The API integrations provide live updates whenever the provider receives a message from the driver when loading your order.

Better communication

You need a strong method of communication between you and your customers. Freight forwarding software makes sure that your customers are heard and their needs reach you. You can make better decisions with their suggestions and improve the productivity of your business. Better communication helps you keep track of the progress of the goods and take quick action in case they have exceeded their time of delivery.