How Freight Forwarding Software Improves Rate Management to Satisfy Customers

Freight forwarding software allows fast rate search and accurate rate calculations. User-friendly logistics software solutions help win over your customers. Boost freight forwarding efficiency using automated rate management.

Just like other players optimize processes, your focus should be on increasing freight forwarding efficiency. The only way to win new customers and keep older ones is to improve your services. You can’t hope to deliver your best unless you work on key business areas. Rate search and calculation can be risky through manual processes. There’s a greater chance of human errors and delays in manual rate search. Invest in logistics software solutions to prevent errors and satisfy your customers.  

How rate management affects freight forwarding efficiency

Slow rate search can turn away quality freight forwarding leads, which is bad for business. Moreover, manual rate calculation takes up too many team members. Improve your team management using automation. Errors in freight rates can hurt the business of shippers. Your customers lose trust in you if you share wrong or old rates. Fuel price  fluctuations create problems for freight forwarders. But you can depend on logistics software solutions to stay on track. Faster rate calculation means higher overall efficiency. Ensure the satisfaction of your customers by automating rate search.  

How freight forwarding software optimizes rate management

There’s always going to be a big difference between manual and digital processes. Automating your rate search and calculations is important. Your competitors are busy winning over clients while you’re stuck with rates. Turn your priority tasks digital to see a major change in your freight forwarding efficiency. Look for routine processes that affect you and your customers the most. 

Quick turnaround

You might have noticed that customers are slow to ask questions. Whenever you’re designing a process, think about your customer’s point of view. Discuss the problems your customers are facing with your services. Ask for feedback to get a clear picture of the issues of your customers. The idea behind customer service is to create ease for your customers. Sending a query into your system is an extra step for your customers. Invest in a freight forwarding software that shortens the turnaround time for queries. The faster you give your customers the information they need, the happier they are. 

Accurate calculation

Look at the big picture. The freight industry is worth billions of dollars with countless global stakeholders. Think about the amount of time, money, and energy your customers have put into their business. Having shippers as freight forwarding leads means your customers have plenty of options. Why should your customer choose you over others? This is a high-stakes game! You can’t afford to make mistakes in rate calculation. Having an automated system in place removes the risk of human error. It’s easy to train your employees in automated rate search and calculation. Your customers feel reassured about the accuracy of your freight rates.

Rate comparison

Logistics software solutions offer more than simple rate search. You can access a huge amount of data in one place. Rates of different global carriers show up without much effort on your part. If you were trying to manage this manually, it would be quite difficult. Without  the right software, you’re forced to rely on multiple sources. You don’t even know if the rates you’re getting are accurate or updated. Thanks to freight software, you never have to limit the options of your customers. Quickly compare the rates of various carriers following the routes you’re interested in. 

Latest freight rates

Staying on trend is important to everyone. But getting the latest rates is essential to ensure freight forwarding efficiency. You have a reputation to uphold among the shipping community. Moreover, every business is trying to save on freight costs. Rising fuel prices and carrier rates makes things hard for your customers. Think about things as a business owner. You’re eager to save money wherever possible. Then the freight forwarder you’ve hired gets you older rates. The real hit comes when older rates are higher than the updated rates. You don’t want to be one of the freight forwarders causing issues for shippers. Install logistics software to stay updated on the latest rates.  

Multiple modes

Multimodal and intermodal transport are equally popular among freight forwarders and shippers. Luckily, freight forwarding software allows you to plan routes in all kinds of modes. You can choose between the type of transport modes available. Select air, sea, rail, and road modes as you plan routes for upcoming shipments. Working with different modes can be hard, but automation makes the whole process simple. You can have an automated system handling rates and tracking for you. No matter which mode you pick, you instantly get updated freight rates. No manual rate calculation is necessary and you can also access past freight rates. 

Centralized system

Manual rate search is tough and it wastes your resources. Imagine having to deal with several carriers and freight modes. How will you get accurate rates on time to your freight forwarding leads? The more the data, the harder it is to deal with rate search. Handling a large number of sources for rate search creates serious problems. You might make more mistakes using manual rate search and calculation. Freight software offers a single dashboard to manage rate search. Just a few clicks and you have all the freight rates you need. Check out the carriers and modes you need in one place. You need fewer employees and much less time thanks to logistics software.

Carrier performance

The great thing about logistics software solutions is that you get more than the usual perks. You may customize your freight software to include convenient API integrations. Besides rat search and calculation, you also get automated reporting. Data organization is a major advantage of logistics software. A few clicks provide data visualization, helping you interpret data. You can choose how carrier data, including rates, show up. Check out the records of the carrier you want to use for your next shipment. You can view rates, delays, routes, and much more. Informed decision making makes the entire process faster and easier.     

User-friendly interface

There’s nothing worse than poor navigation and complex features in software. Make sure you watch a complete demo for the logistics software you want. Don’t just focus on yourself. Your freight forwarding efficiency depends on your employees. Remember that your customers also have access to the software. It’s your job to ensure that you pick user-friendly freight software. It should be easy for the user to find what they need. Time is a priority, especially in rate search. Aim for shorter training times for your employees. The easier the use of the software, the smoother your routine tasks. 

Customer satisfaction

When your reputation is at stake you have to deliver your best. New customers may have been disappointed by other freight forwarders. Existing customers have a high potential for retention. But you have to play your cards right. The aim is to win over new customers and keep customers coming back to you. Freight forwarding software goes a long way to improving customer experience. User-friendly software wins you points with shippers. What’s more, getting accurate rates on time satisfies your customers. Focus on key areas like rate search and apply automation for best results. 

In addition to helping your customers get error-free rate calculations, software boots freight forwarding efficiency. You can shorten training times and increase team productivity. Automation requires fewer employees for the same amount of work. Invest in a customizable logistics management system that promotes sustainability.