Here’s Why Every Freight Forwarder Needs a Comprehensive Customer Rate Inquiry Tool

GAMA’s leading Rate Inquiry Tool allows a forwarder’s shipper customers to submit rate requests directly to you

GAMA’s leading Rate Inquiry Tool allows a forwarder’s shipper customers to submit rate requests directly to you, simplifying the entire process.

The tool is about more than just providing rates, however. It is a powerful, centralized platform that improves rate and cost management for both forwarders and their customers.

For shippers, GAMA’s advanced technology provides a way for customers to collect valuable logistics data and turn that information into actionable KPIs for their organization. The features will not only provide more visibility into their supply chain operations but drive more efficiency and savings for them as well.

For forwarders, it’s a way to better manage rates and margins, as well as communicate with agents, vendors, and other supply chain partners in one convenient location.

Here are some details on how it works:

The process and user interface are simple to understand. After your shipper customer selects the mode of transportation and identifies the general services their freight requires, the next section (titled Cargo Details) offers a place to specify cargo dimensions and special equipment needs. To complete a request, users can check any other box listed under Additional Services to ensure all shipment details and requirements are accounted for.

From your perspective as a forwarder, GAMA provides complete control in very important ways. Administrators have access to every rate request pending vendor and customer input. By gaining transparency into each individual request submitted by all of your clients who utilize this tool, you can leverage newfound insight into the customer quoting process.

On top of having the ability to immediately select and send cost requests to your agents and other individuals throughout your vendor network, our Suggested Vendors screen also automatically pulls information from your saved vendor database. Choosing the most suited agent for a job is made simple, so you can be assured your customers are receiving the best rates and service options available.

Here are some additional GAMA feature highlights for freight forwarders:

  • Build your customer’s rate based on the info provided in the Rate from Vendor section
  • Search carrier vessel schedules to offer up-to-date sailing data
  • Add any necessary markups based on either percentage or value and apply them to the selected lines
  • Create Quote Templates that include a place for you to identify varying types of charges and your company’s own fees
  • View the total amount broken down into buy/sell rates as well as the expected profit per agent submission

From allowing you to submit all vendor rate and service options for your customer to select the one that works best for their business, to offering a complete breakdown of charges and feedback, to providing total transparency to your customer base, to enabling you to instantly book shipments online with the Look-to-Book feature, GAMA’s customer Rate Inquiry Tool will strengthen your customer relationships and improve the profitability of your forwarding operations.

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