Gama and Pledge Announce Partnership: How Freight Forwarders Can Measure Carbon Emissions

Gama and Pledge unite to empower freight forwarders with advanced tools for measuring carbon emissions, fostering sustainable logistics practices.

Gama, a freight software provider from the US, partners with Pledge, a eco-friendly software firm in the UK, to help freight forwarders track and reduce their carbon emissions.

Climate change is affecting billions of lives across the planet. Even a 1-degree rise in temperature has catastrophic consequences for the world. Pledge and Gama have teamed up to decrease carbon emissions from the freight industry. The first step to minimizing the carbon footprint of a business is tracking its carbon emissions. Digital transformation is driving sustainability in modern freight forwarding. Integration of a carbon emissions calculator into freight forwarding software does the trick. Pledge and Gama have come up with an economical solution for freight forwarders to support them on their decarbonization journey. 

How does the Pledge integration with Gama work?

The Pledge integration with Gama allows freight forwarders to track carbon emissions by weight in kilograms. All it takes is a single click and the carbon emissions are available from well-to-tank and tank-to-wheel. Freight forwarders can even see the difference between these two sources of carbon emissions. 

Joining hands for a greener tomorrow, Pledge and Gama are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the freight industry. 

CEO of Gama: Younus Moosani

Pledge helps freight businesses achieve sustainability goals

Pledge supports freight forwarders and their customers in achieving sustainability through digital solutions. The software allows freight forwarders to track their carbon emissions. Freight forwarders are empowered by regular reporting and offsetting of carbon emissions. The easy-to-use API integration from Pledge enables freight forwarders to minimize their carbon footprint economically. Pledge is aligned with IS014083 and accredited by Smart Freight Center (SFC) for complying with the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework.

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Gama provides sustainable digital freight forwarding solutions

Gama is a complete digital solution for freight forwarders who’re looking to streamline their operations. Since its introduction in 2018, the freight forwarding software has served over 500 end users worldwide. The multilingual logistics software enables efficient rate search, real-time tracking, invoice management, automated reporting, data analytics, and more. API integrations with Gama allow freight forwarders to customize the software according to their needs. The user-friendly digital freight solution improves the customer experience. 

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Are you ready to grow sustainably? Gama and Pledge are here to support your journey to minimize your carbon footprint.